THCV Seeds

THCV Seeds - GTR Seeds

Type 1 and type 2 feminized THCV seeds. This exciting and novel cannabinoid has a vast array of potential medical benefits - and lauded as "diet weed." These THCV seeds offer consistent, high content flowers that finish much faster than traditional tropical varieties. Learn more about THCV strains here!

Large, dense, THCV rich flowers on Auto Skunk THCV seeds. Large colas make this THCV strain standout in the sunlight.
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Double Durban THCV are the first early finishing feminized THCV strains in cannabis.
A dense and trichome loaded bud on a Garlic Berry THCV plant, a unique high THCV strain.
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A massive cola on the high THCV strain, Gigantor Seedless THCV grown outdoors at GTR Seeds.
Spiked PineCone Seedless - GTR Seeds
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A narrow and bright green Tropicolada Seedless flower grown from GTR Seeds feminized Type 2 seeds.
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All seeds are feminized.

To ensure germination success we strongly recommend visiting our seed start guide below.