THC Seeds

A think, dense Hich Octane Grape cola grown from GTR's high THCA seeds shines indoors.

Consistent, early finishing, heavy producing, feminized THCA seeds (also known as THC seeds), including the industry's first triploid cannabis seeds. Need a rundown on THCa? Read up here.  Looking for high test scores? Check out our list.

A large, dense, green Bermuda Triangle plant grows from high THC feminized seeds.
A large dominant Bermuda Triangle flower grows indoors from high THC seeds at GTR.
Frosty and dense flowers on a Bermuda Triangle Seedless triploid cannabis plant at GTR Seeds.
Bright green flowers with orange hairs pop on Chem Spill feminized high THCA seeds from GTR.
Save $11
Narrow leaves and a big cola flower on Chem Spill high THCA seeds.
Save $11
Bulbous  green flowers and orange hairs shine on Citrus Slurp feminized THCA seeds from GTR Seeds.
Save $6
Derailed - GTR Seeds
A dense, frosty, cola Derailed Seedless flower grown from triploid THC seeds stands up strongly at GTR Seeds.
Save $10
Gasolime - GTR Seeds
Save $16
High Octane Grape - GTR Seeds
Save $6
A dark green with orange haired Lime Meringue flower grown at GTR Seeds.
Save $15.01
A dense, cannabinoid covered flower of the NOX Cookies strain. The indoor flowers were grown from high THCA seeds.
Sugar leaves and flowers shimmer on an indoor grown high THC Private Party plant.
A large pop corn sized Private Party Seedless flower drips resin at GTR Seeds. The triploid THC seeds show vigor.
Terp Poison - GTR Seeds
Save $5.01
A dense and high terpene rich Terp Poison Seedless flower grown from triploid cannabis seeds at GTR Seeds.

All seeds are feminized.

To ensure germination success we strongly recommend visiting our seed start guide below.

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