Starting Seeds

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Three Easy Steps

Prepare your pots

Fill a pot or a tray with a well draining potting soil, poke a hole about 1/4" deep. We do not recommend soil-less mediums such as peat pots or coco coir.

Plant your seeds

Drop a seed in the hole, cover lightly, and water in gently. We do not soak seeds prior, or use domes. Domes can cause excess moisture issues.

Keep warm and moist

Keep temperatures between 70-90 degrees F and keep the soil moist but not wet. Be patient as our CBDV varieties can take up to 2 weeks to emerge.

Other Factors

Pot Size

We use 50 and 72 cell vegetable starter trays with depths of 3” and cells between 1-2" squares. These trays hold around 4-5 quarts of soil and provide plants with enough space to grow for a few weeks before becoming root bound.

Feed When in Need

We recommend feeding plants a liquid fish emulsion after they've been above ground for about 2 weeks, or if leaves are yellowing from malnutrition. Start with half dose of what the label recommends as seedlings are delicate.

Light It Up

We use Gavita 1000 Watt lights to supplement in our greenhouses. This prevents seedlings from growing spindly and weak. CFLs and LED light strings can work if power is limited, but are not recommended. 

Let us help get you growing.

For a comprehensive collection of cannabis growing information, visit Oregon CBD at the links below.

There are many ways to grow a plant, but we have found these processes to be successful for us and farmers across the world.