Gigantor Seedless THCV

Gigantor Seedless THCV

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HO40 x Auto Durban THCV

Type 1, Varin Rich

Homage to the original:  this is the most elaborate backcross available on the cannabis seed market today.  Our original diploid HO40 THCV germplasm was used--many generations ago--to develop the pollen donor “Auto Durban THCV” line.  Several years ago, we also converted the original diploid HO40 to a tetraploid (doubling its genome through inhibited cell division). 

In doing so, we’ve unlocked the possibility to offer a triploid THCV-dominant variety, harness the incredible yield potential of the original HO40 plant, and cut down it’s long flowering time by hybridizing with a day neutral line.

Look out for a beast of a plant with plenty of varin production for extraction or just the biggest plant on the block.

Feminized Seeds
Ratio: 1:1 THCV to THC
Flowering Time: 9-10 Weeks
Flower Initiation: Mid July if field planted in early June

This variety produces predominantly THCV and THCa.

Well-grown crops with good field conditions and accurate testing can yield 14-20% total cannabinoids on trimmed flower (with outliers hitting above the 20% range), 12%-14% on hand shucked flowers, and 8%-10% on whole plant biomass.

Growing technique, nutrient regime, sampling protocol, drying method, post-harvest handling, and laboratory accuracy all factor into total cannabinoid content on a crop-wide average.

Ratios refer to CBD, CBG, or CBDV/CBD percentages to total THC.

These COA's were taken from plants 30 days pre-harvest as required by the US Department of Agriculture, and are not an accurate representation of finished flower cannabinoid content.

For finished flower results we suggest seeking out results from other farmers who have grown our varieties. We cannot guarantee finished flower results, so we do not post them.

A minimum of 10% extra seed is added to every order.

All seeds contain less than 0.3% total THC. Understand your local laws and ordinances before planting.