AVL - AKA Melt Your Face Lime

By Seth Crawford

AVL = Auto Varin Lime. 

I like to use three distinguishing characteristics for my acronyms.  (ERB = Early Resin Berry, SSA = Seth’s Sour Auto, etc.).  Originally, this was a cross of our commercial SSA line (pollen donor of all our “sour CBD” varieties) to a CBGV inbred line we developed.  Because the CBGV line was heterozygous for auto flowering, 50% of the resulting seeds were auto. 

We grew out a bunch, about a thousand in 2021, and kept over 500 that were day neutral for further evaluation and inbreeding.  I ended up keeping between 8-10 different lines and selfing each. 

These represent different chemotype goals from the same initial F1 population:  I made separate CBD dominant autos, CBDV dominant autos, CBGV dominant autos, and this pure CBG line.  We subjected the pure CBG line to intensive flavor / aroma analysis in 2021 and 2022 in our internal sensory panel (10 of us, working with UTennessee professor), working to identify all the non-terpene compounds that make it sing:  it’s nickname became “Melt Your Face Lime” and its flavor is driven by a compound called para-cymen (like a monoterpene, but actually alkylbenzene—over my pay grade). 

The AVL line represents—to me—the pinnacle of day neutral traits:  super strong aroma, distinctly large in stature (consistently 5 feet tall in 10g pots), and a prolific producer of massive, dense flowers.

Because the pollen donor is a type IV (CBG dominant plant), the F1s we are selling will contain about 2-3% CBGA by weight (or roughly 10-15% of the total cannabinoid fraction)—that’s the key to anti-anxiety in effect.