All Triploid Seeds

An incredibly trichome covered and frosty flower grown from NOX Cookies triploid THC Seeds.

Our entire lineup of CBD, CBG, CBDV, THC, & THCV rich triploid cannabis seeds. Bigger production, bigger aromas, frostier flowers, and significantly reduced risks of seeded crops. 

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Frosty and dense flowers on a Bermuda Triangle Seedless triploid cannabis plant at GTR Seeds.
Citrus Slurp Seedless - GTR Seeds
A dense, frosty, cola Derailed Seedless flower grown from triploid THC seeds stands up strongly at GTR Seeds.
Ahorre $10
A shimmering trichome loaded Forbidden V Seedless CBDV flower shines bright in an Oregon cannabis field. .
Ahorre $11
A massive cola on the high THCV strain, Gigantor Seedless THCV grown outdoors at GTR Seeds.
Lifter Seedless - GTR Seeds
NOX Cookies Seedless - GTR Seeds
A slender long, pink haired main flower grown from the Pine Walker Seedless high CBDV strain.
Ahorre $11
A large pop corn sized Private Party Seedless flower drips resin at GTR Seeds. The triploid THC seeds show vigor.
A large flower with pink hairs and crystals grown from feminized high CBD seeds.
Large, dense colas protrude from a Sour RNA Seedless plant grown outdoors from high CBD autoflower seeds.
Ahorre $21
Sour Special Sauce Seedless - GTR Seeds
Sour Suver Haze Seedless - GTR Seeds
A tall slender Spiked Pinecone plant grown from type 2 cannabis seeds at GTR.
Ahorre $6
Stem Cell CBG Seedless - GTR Seeds
Suver Haze Seedless - GTR Seeds
A dense and high terpene rich Terp Poison Seedless flower grown from triploid cannabis seeds at GTR Seeds.
Triploid CBD Sampler - GTR Seeds
A narrow and bright green Tropicolada Seedless flower grown from GTR Seeds feminized Type 2 seeds.
An orange hair and resin covered Vitality Seedless high CBDV flower shimmers outdoors at Oregon CBD.
Ahorre $30.01
White CBG Seedless - GTR Seeds

All seeds are feminized.

To ensure germination success we strongly recommend visiting our seed start guide below.

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