Certified Organic Seeds

Certified Organic Seeds - GTR Seeds
These Oregon CBD genetics are Oregon Tilth and USDA Organic certified CBD, CBG, CBDV hemp seeds.
A purple flecked lime green Cakeberry Brulee flower grown outdoors at GTR. Feminized CBD seeds only produce female flowers.
Large white hairs protrude from Chemberry high CBD seeds from GTR.
A shimmering trichome loaded Forbidden V Seedless flower shines bright in an Oregon cannabis field. The high CBDV low thc hemp seeds variety features narrow leaves and brown hairs.
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Lifter Seedless - GTR Seeds
A slender long, pink haired main flower on a Pine Walker high CBDV strain. The hemp flower is being grown outdoors at Oregon CBD.
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A dense and trichome covered Sour Brulee flower grown from high CBD seeds at GTR.
Sour Candy Kush Seedless - GTR Seeds
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A huge high terpene Sour Chem CBD cola grown outdoors at GTR Seeds.
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An almost silver frost caked Sour Elektra flower grown from high cbd seeds outdoors at Oregon CBD.
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A chunky resinous Sour Hawaiian Haze bud grown outdoor from high CBD seeds from GTR seeds.
Sour Hawaiian Haze Seedless - GTR Seeds
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Pink hairs and trichome covered leaves grow from Sour Lifter high CBD seeds at GTR Seeds.
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A large flower with pink hairs and crystals grown from feminized high CBD seeds.
Large, dense colas protrude from a Sour RNA Seedless plant grown outdoors from high CBD autoflower seeds.
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Sour Special Sauce - GTR Seeds
Sour Special Sauce Seedless - GTR Seeds
Sour Suver Haze - GTR Seeds
Sour Suver Haze Seedless - GTR Seeds
Stem Cell CBG Seedless - GTR Seeds
Super Sour Space Candy - GTR Seeds
Suver Haze Seedless - GTR Seeds
Vitality Seedless - GTR Seeds
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White CBG Seedless - GTR Seeds

All seeds are feminized.

To ensure germination success we strongly recommend visiting our seed start guide below.