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Despite the absolute mayhem in the hemp market and the economic calamity that has entailed over the past 3 years, we are proud to announce the upcoming release of stabilized THCV-rich varieties and stay tuned for some additional game changing releases next month.  THCV adds yet another cannabinoid to the list we are able to provide and is made possible due to rule changes at the federal level and an expansive breeding program we created specifically targeting this compound.  THESE CANNOT BE GROWN AS HEMP, but the seeds themselves qualify as a hemp product. As such, home growers (or those producing in medical / rec legal states) finally have the chance to experience this novel and unique chemical in its native, unadulterated plant produced form!

If you've followed the interviews and stories over the years, you know just how elusive and sought after THCV has been for cannabis growers--trace amounts were rumored to be in this elite plant or that hard-to-find landrace. After growing, testing, and inbreeding tens of thousands of individual plants between 2016 and 2019, we had a very solid understanding of just how RARE varins--AKA propyl compounds--really are. We found a few with trace amounts, but quickly realized that all cannabis plants can do this:  it is a really rare unicorn that achieves over 5% propyl compounds as a proportion the total cannabinoid fraction (and thereby useful for additional inbreeding and varin concentration). Once finally attained, crosses with all of our elite CBD, CBG, and THC germplasm were conducted and large, parallel inbreeding programs were created to develop propyl-rich parental material of every chemotype.

We'll provide additional details on the development of each THCV-rich variety (5 in total) at GTR Seeds over the next few weeks. In addition to predictable chemical proportion, we are exceedingly proud of the stable phenotypic expression, overall flower quality, and the remarkable nose on these lines--unlike an unrefined landrace, these are production ready lines. Get your seed ordered before they sell out! 

Don't miss the new THCV Seeds!

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