CBG Seeds

A very large, frosty White CBG flower grown from Oregon CBD's high CBG seeds.

The industries first and most reliable, high CBG seeds. White CBG, Stem Cell CBG, Sour G CBG, and Auto CBG Seeds. These Extremely low THC varieties that will always remain below 0.3%, and commonly below 0.2% total THC.
Curious about "Seedless"? Read up on triploid cannabis here! 

Auto CBG high CBG seeds produce large trichome coated flowers.
Économisez $25
A broad leafed and bulbous White CBG plant and a narrow leafed Stem Cell CBG plant both outdoors in the sunshine.
Économisez $6
A lime green Sour G CBG plant, one of the first high CBG strains on the market.
Économisez $25
Stem Cell CBG - GTR Seeds
Économisez $20.01
Stem Cell CBG Seedless - GTR Seeds
White CBG - GTR Seeds
White CBG Seedless - GTR Seeds

All seeds are feminized.

To ensure germination success we strongly recommend visiting our seed start guide below.

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