THC - Indica

We hate using the Indica/Sativa classifications as every variety on the market is a hybrid, but here is a collection of our most sedative and relaxing varieties.

A large, dense, green Bermuda Triangle plant grows from high THC feminized seeds.
A large dominant Bermuda Triangle flower grows indoors from high THC seeds at GTR.
Frosty and dense flowers on a Bermuda Triangle Seedless triploid cannabis plant at GTR Seeds.
High Octane Grape - GTR Seeds
Ahorre $6
A dark green with orange haired Lime Meringue flower grown at GTR Seeds.
Ahorre $15.01
A dense, cannabinoid covered flower of the NOX Cookies strain. The indoor flowers were grown from high THCA seeds.
NOX Cookies Seedless - GTR Seeds

All seeds are feminized.

To ensure germination success we strongly recommend visiting our seed start guide below.

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