Why are the cost of your seeds so high?

Many comment that the price of our feminized seeds are expensive. While in comparison to folks who slap the pollen off a male plant they like and stick it onto a female plant in a tiny tent in their basement - we take a different approach.

Our breeding program has always been about producing the most consistent, reliable, agronomically useful, and novel cannabinoid rich feminized seeds available. And it takes a lot of time and money to pull off.

Each one of our lines is produced from two highly inbred parents that have been worked with over many generations. This means every time we release a new seed variety it was many years in the making. We start by finding a plant with a cannabinoid or characteristic we like, breed with it, inbreed it, test, test, and inbreed again to lock in the best possible parent we can. We repeat the process on another parent, breeding, inbreeding, selecting, culling, and repeating until we've got another "keeper." After that we make the cross and the outcome is