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(Ringo's Gift x ERB)

In honor of our 10 year anniversary we brewed up a blast from the past! The "Ringo's Gift" cut (ACDC × Harle-Tsu) we were gifted over a decade ago has won multiple west coast concentrate cups for its sharply sappy, Douglas fir terpene profile and high resin content. The line was originally developed by Lawrence Ringo before his passing. The few growers lucky enough to hold this cut value it for its sturdy, upright growth structure, large, early yields, and pleasantly loud terpenes. Outcrossing this polyhybrid to our ERB line imbues the resulting progeny with our characteristic early flowering, while sweetening and expanding the flavor profile. Plants in this line will maintain the same upright structure and carry our trademark high terpene content resin, making this superstar hybrid a contender for the highest oil yields available - and an incredibly tasty smokeable flower. 

Stock is very limited and we will not be releasing additional seed in 2024.

• One of our fastest maturing varieties ever created with early September harvests possible
• Dense and resinous lime green flowers
• Powerful pine aromas with hints of sweet mango, berry, and citrus 

This variety matures in around 7 weeks of flowering time, or early September if planted outdoors in early June. Expect CBD to THC ratios of around 27/1.

This feminized seed variety produces predominantly CBD.

Bred By: Oregon CBD Seeds

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Well-grown crops with good field conditions and accurate testing can yield 15-30% total cannabinoids variety dependent.

Growing technique, nutrient regime, sampling protocol, drying method, post-harvest handling, and laboratory accuracy all factor into total cannabinoid content on a crop-wide average.

Ratios refer to CBD, CBG, or CBDV/CBD percentages to total THC.

These COA's were taken from plants 30 days pre-harvest as required by the US Department of Agriculture, and are not an accurate representation of finished flower cannabinoid content.

For finished flower results we suggest seeking out results from other farmers who have grown our varieties. We cannot guarantee finished flower results, so we do not post them.

All seeds are feminized seeds.

A minimum of 10% extra seed is added to every order.

All seeds contain less than 0.3% total THC. Understand your local laws and ordinances before planting.

All genetics in our catalog are feminized seeds.

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